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"I definitely see a positive difference in my endurance & strength! Kevin is personable & professional and "knows his stuff." He treats clients like individuals and establishes related goals to maximize our health and related needs. Kevin is a pivotal piece to my family's health program."               -Brenda 

"I have been working out with Kevin two times a week for over a year now and it has become a necessary and integral part of my routine. He plans exercises based upon my desired goals and changes it up to keep it fresh each week. I am meeting my strength goals and feel great!"   -Karen

"Kevin focused on my personal needs. He makes every day a challenge, and focuses on whole body conditioning. It's like any experience you can get from the internet, or from your gym buddy. He is a professional in his field, so the work done is high quality. Aside from that, he is great at encouragement and is super easy to get along with. Great gym, great trainer, great workout everytime."


"Kevin is amazing at what he does and he's extremely knowledgable when it comes to the anatomy of each muscle in the body. I highly recommend going here. I was able to gain so much knowledge on how to properly exercise and how to bulk up on muscle. I was able to reach my goals with Kevin, and Kevin made sure that when I was done, I knew exactly what I had to do to maintain a proper exercise plan. Highly recommend!!!!"  


"Kevin is extremely professional and knowledgeable at every single session. I can ask him anything and realistically select any goal and he will help me achieve this. So far he has helped me reach my first goal with ease and I am looking forward to continuing working with Kevin in the future to achieve all of my short and long term fitness goals. I feel much better since Kevin has been training me, both mentally and physically. Highly recommend Upstate Strength and Conditioning!"   -Anne

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